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Master Cleanse: The Lemon Detox Diet

The lemon detox diet, or what is commonly known as the master cleanse, is a form of a detoxification regimen. Several Hollywood stars have tried and tested its efficiency, and this diet did not leave them disappointed. This diet has given hope to millions of people all over the world who want to lose weight and be healthier. But what are there to know about this master cleanse? Is this therapy really beneficial and safe to try?

The lemon detox diet is believed to be very safe because only natural products are used. The process would include the purification of the entire body as the accumulated toxins are flushed out from the system. As the body cleanses itself, its weight will begin to normalize.

Everyone should try to detoxify their bodies, at least twice a year. People who think that they are healthy enough should also try this kind of diet. You should know that toxins build up in our body because of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and even the food we eat. Even the emotional and physical stresses that we experience play a role in the accumulation of toxins. Thus, because of this, the body should be given a time to get rid of the harmful compounds that may endanger our health. This is where the detox diet should enter.

Healthy diet, supplemented by herbs and vitamins should be able to assist in the detoxification of our system. As you cleanse our body, you should stay away from substances that may have unfavorable effects to your body and health. Instead of turning to these unhealthy foods, you should try to eat those organically and naturally grown, like lemons, carrots and the likes that motivate the filtration process of the liver. This is why the lemon detox diet is a sure hit in attaining a healthier and better quality of life.

You should understand that the lemon detox diet is a great way to get rid of unwanted toxins, and not for weight loss. Perhaps, it is just a consequence because when you are doing a master cleanse, you only feed on liquids. However, when you reduce your intake of calorie, your body learns how to get by with less fuel so your metabolism slows down.

With slower metabolism, you may feel weaker. Thus, to be clear, you should remember that the primary goal of a lemon detox diet is to let your digestive system take a break, so that your body would have the opportunity to retune itself while you stay energetic at the same time.

If your goal is to lose weight rather than to eliminate toxins from your body, you will find yourself gaining weight right after your detox diet. This is because since your metabolism had slowed down during the diet, it would continue to slow down even after the diet. Thus, as you go back to your regular eating habit, your body would have a slower pace to burn off the calories that you are taking in.

In summary, you should consider the lemon detox diet as a detoxification regimen for your body at least twice a year. Purging toxins and unhealthy chemicals from your body should be your ultimate goal and not losing weight. Though losing weight is an offshoot of this diet, it should not be your main purpose.

If you really want to lose weight, you should try to exercise regularly and eat a balanced healthy meal.


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