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Recommended Meal Plan After Detox Diet

Now that you have successfully finished your detox diet, you are now facing the challenge of starting to eat healthy and practice balanced meals. You must maintain same discipline you had during your detox program, which includes battling against the lure of your favorite foods like chocolates.

There are some cookbooks that offers recipes however, majority of the recipes are low protein and low calories diet. That won’t sustain the energies you needed at work and strictly following them might lead you to diet problems.

Some people opt to return to their usual diet plan excluding excess in fatty foods and other unhealthy food items. They start the first day after detox program with drinking two glasses of water to eliminate toxic residue in the body. Actually, the habit of drinking two glasses before breakfast meal in the morning is one effective diet plan you can take to maintain the level of toxicity you just achieved.

Whole grain cereal and fresh fruits are also excellent breakfast foods. For lunch, eating green leafy vegetable salads for protein is a good choice. You might also add any poultry meat or seafood. If you wish to add calories, you can try eating rice cakes.

Opt for less starchy foods on dinnertime as your body is preparing for rest and you won’t need too much calories anymore. Vegetables and a light protein source are ideal for your dinner meal. Always remember to choose organic foods.

A healthy meal plan knows what ere the fruits and vegetables in season and incorporates in your daily meal plan rather than picking what is just in the store. If your regular meal is eating out, you might find it hard to stick on a healthy diet. Browse through local foodshops and learn what the healthy food choices in their menu are and take note of them. In that way, the moment you stomach growls for hunger, you are sure that what you are picking are just healthy and well-balanced meal.

Example After Detox Meal Plan from the book The New Detox Diet by Elson M. Haas and Daniella Chace

Day One:

Fruit and/or fruit juice: Organic Apple
Breakfast: Hot Breakfast Quinoa
Lunch: White Bean Salad and Fresh Harvest Juice
Snack: Cold Almonds
Dinner: Salmon with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary
Treat: Juice Jells

Fruit and/or fruit juice: Organic Grapes
Breakfast: Baked Apple
Lunch: Herbed Soup
Snack: Cottonwood Pea Hummus
Dinner: Kombu Squash Soup
Treat: Fresh fruit or smoothie of your choice

Fruit and/or fruit juice: Grapefruit
Breakfast: Basic Breakfast Steel Cut Oats
Lunch: Jicama Salad or Gazpacho
Snack: Kombu Nuts
Dinner: Glazed Broccoli and Lentil Stew
Treat: Pears in Black Cherry Sauce

Avoid foods that will hurt your efforts like starchy and baked foods; processed foods like burgers, hotdogs, sausages and canned corned beef; salted nuts, carbonated drinks (both diet and sugar), sauces like mayonnaise, store-bought salad dressing and pickles; and coffee.

Adjusting your diet after detox is actually easy. Some detox dieters experienced caffeine withdrawal after the program. This is quite expected, after the body has eliminated unhealthy substances, your food cravings tend to start anew. Some dieters experience permanent weight loss after a detox diet.

This is not anymore surprising. It just means that the body has fully adjusted to the healthier eating habit.


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