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What Dishes Can You Have on a Typical Detox Diet

You may already have an idea what a detox diet is but are you ready to go through with it? There are so many vegetables and fruits which you can eat for the next few days and to give you an idea, here is a typical meal.

They say that breakfast is a very important meal of the day so it is best not to skip it. Your detox diet plan is best served by having two glasses of water with one mixed with some lemon.

If you canít live in drinking something until the next meal, have a piece of fresh fruit. A few options are an apple, banana or a pear. Just make sure you chew it well mixing each bite with saliva.

Another breakfast option for your detox diet will be to have a bowl of cooked whole grains. If it tastes bland, mix it with two tablespoons of fruit juice.

A few hours later, it is time to have lunch. You can have one or two bowls of steamed vegetables again with some water. If you love to cook, you surely know that some vegetables can be mixed together.

There is not that much difference in serving either lunch or dinner. You just have to make some variations so it is something different and that it will taste just as good until morning.

What you served yourself during breakfast and lunch may make you feeling hungry in between. When this happens, donít starve yourself and instead have a snack. You may have apple juice diluted with water, carrot or celery sticks, vegetable broth and water.

As you can see, there are no desserts as part of this detox diet. To help you relax and get you ready for bed, you can have herbal tea like chamomile or peppermint.

This type of detox diet is not as extreme compared to other types of programs available like Juice Fast Detox Diet or Master Cleanse Detox Diet. Since it is something you are not used to, you may experience a little weak during the first 2 days and even experience a headache, nausea and frequent trips to the bathroom but this is known to pass.

Since our bodies are able to adapt, you will begin to feel better on day 3 or 4 especially if you plan to do this for the next 10 or 20 days. If there is no improvement and the side effects get worse, try having something you are used to eating during your snack like chicken, fish or some beans. The other option is to stop the detox diet because it is doing more harm than good.

The detox diet can do a lot of for you only if you give it a chance. Since you are gambling with your overall well being here, make sure you have yourself checked first by the doctor before trying it. If you are cleared, do some research about what types of detox plans are out there then decide which one is right for you.

As mentioned before, some of the detox diets are pretty extreme but but all of these have the same objective and that is to expel harmful toxins. It is not going to be easy and like the saying goes, ďno pain, no gain.Ē


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